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Video Internet conferencing solutions enable you to accomplish conferences and webinars (internet based workshops) over the internet. Video conferencing or web meeting serve methods to carry out live meetings, trainings, or discussions through the Web. In a web seminar or internet meeting, every individual sits at his or her own computer and is linked to various other individuals through the web. Taking a trip across miles to conduct “real” conferences is outdated at the here and now. This utilized to be the custom earlier for performing workshops and also presentations.

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A number of years back too users definitely could possibly be in contact over lengthy spans with the help of telephone or e-mail. But video conferencing combines all of it. Customers are able to talk to each other, talk using IM, share video clip, content and also photos, at the same time. The interface is so much a lot more sensible compared to phone or e-mail. In the 1990s, an IP video conference came to be possible, and also much more efficient video compression technologies were developed, permitting desktop computer, or desktop computer based COMPUTER video seminar.

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Internet based video clip conferencing software has actually been shown useful and successful in the area of training as well as knowing also. Internet conferencing is a quite helpful means to execute live meetings, training, or presentations utilizing the Internet. Educators as well as speakers from all over the world can be given courses in remote or otherwise isolated places. Pupils from diverse neighborhoods as well as backgrounds can integrate to discover about each other. An individual sitting in India, for example, could now be present at workshops carried out by a teacher in the UK.

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Learners all over the globe manage to attend the exact same session, to check out the same content, and also cooperate with each other, putting a massive variety to the table.

With the rise of globalization and also the dawn of the internet, the globe has actually shrunk to one small compact place. The extensive network of communication that is in vogue today sees to it that people could interact with anybody at any sort of area all over the world. Companies and corporate firms are widening their perspectives to curtain the globe.




Xiaomi Announces Release of Mi 4 SmartPhone

Also announces that its MIUI V6 User Interface will be out this August

Xiaomi has finally announced its next flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 4. The handset is made from stainless steel. There were rumors about this. The smartphone comes with the usual Android smartphone specifications but with something more.

The handset supports the new eMMC 5.0 standards and sports a large 5.0 inch full HD (1920 X 1080 pixel) OGS (One Glass Solution) display built by JDI. The handset when launched will come with a (now standard) 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor coupled with 3 GB of LP-DDR3 RAM and in 16/64 GB memory options. On the back is 13 MP primary snapper, while the front unit is a massive 8 MP one. Powering the unit is an impressive and large 3080 mAh battery unit as well.

Xiaomi uses a custom layer that runs on top of Android but is a lot more user friendly compared to what you would find on an HTC and Samsung handsets. Along with the announcement of the new Mi 4 handset, Xiaomi also announced a few new features with the upcoming MIUI user interface that Xiaomi uses in all its devices. It has been indicated MIUI V6 should be rolled out by the 16th of August.

Daniel Wastak

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The smartphone does look like a larger version of the iPhone 5 (particularly in black) with a frame that is made from stainless steel. The Xiaomi Mi 4 will be available in black and white as of now, with the 16 GB version priced around $320 US model and the 64 GB model priced around 400 US. Details about the availability have not been disclosed just yet.

Xiaomi Mi 4

Amazon Releases Fire Phone

Just announced Amazon has released the Firefly Mobile Phone.

by: Daniel Wastak

Amazon Firefly Phone

Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone has two new and amazing innovative features, called Firefly and Dynamic Perspective.

Let’s start with Firefly. This is an app that is really going to make Amazon a lot of money. Retailers are not going to like this app at all. Basically you engage the app from a button on the side of the Fire Phone. Once you have activated the app you simply point the phone’s built in camera to a product, painting or have it listen to music to identify what the object is. So let’s say you are shopping at a Sears Department Store and you see an item you are interested in purchasing. You activate the app and it displays all of the information about the product and how much you will pay for the product if you order it from Amazon. With this feature of the app, you can now compare prices right on the spot.

Another cool thing Firefly does is it recognizes sounds and relates those sounds to music. This gives you information about the song, the artist that produced it and if you want to play the song from Amazon Prime Music. I think this is a pretty cool feature. How often do you hear a song on the radio or some other device and wish you knew who the artis was, the name of the song and so forth. You get the idea. So now this app takes me to my Amazon Prime account where I can add it to my play list, purchase the DVD if it’s a movie or download the song. Pretty cool stuff.

Another innovation is something called Dynamic Perspective. This is sort of a 3D view display. Give the video sample a moment to load. Starts out a little jumpy and then settles in once the browser cache catches up.


I would imagine gamers are going to love this kind of technology. I think you might be able to look around an object on your screen to see an opponent who is hiding behind something. I’m not much of a gamer, but those who are will really like this.

Another thing this app offers is automated scrolling. You simply tilt the screen and the page scrolls. No more wiping your finger across the screen.


This is offered only as a 2 year contract with AT&T. So if you have any other carrier. Too bad for you. Another big disadvantage is the lack of being able to use Google Apps. You can only use the very limited Amazon Apps available on the phone.

This is because of the operating system behind the phone. It uses Amazon’s Fire OS, the same operating system in their kindle devices.

Daniel Wastak

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I don’t know if these drawback will kill the Amazon Fire Phone. I think Amazon needs to rethink this and have it become part of the Google Android offerings or offer these really cool apps on the Google Play Store.

Lenovo IX2 4TB Network Storage 2-Bay (2HD x 2TB) Network Storage Review

The Lenovo IX2 4TB Network Storage 2-Bay (2HD x 2TB) Network Storage is a winner!

by: Daniel

Lenovo IX2 4TB Network Storage 2-Bay (2HD x 2TB) Network Storage The Lenovo IX2 4TB Network Storage 2-Bay (2HD x 2TB) Network Storage

Many times I am asked what to do about backing up data for a small business or home network. What comes to mind is we need redundancy in our configuration. The Lenovo IX2 4TB Network Storage 2-Bay is my recommendation.

First of all, this is a Lenovo NAS drive and Lenovo support is pretty decent. I believe this was originally an Iomega drive and I have always had a good experience with those devices as well.

If you decide this is the drive for you, I would recommend using the RAID 1 configuration. This provides mirroring. This is a 2 bay system. So one drive is an exact copy of the other. One drive fails, you call Lenovo, they ship you another drive. You slam in the new drive and the system re-syncs itself. This is if all goes according to plan and you know what you are doing.

Another thing I would do is add an additional USB storage device as a backup to the NAS drive so you always have a solid backup solution. Additionally, I would recommend the Toshiba 2tb USB Drive for this.

The Lenovo NAS drive has a web based interface to access all the settings. This is not for the average user, however. You should be experienced in these technologies to properly set up and configure these sort of NAS backup systems.

If you are a Windows user, another thing I would recommend would be to use Cobian backup on the external backup Toshiba External Drive. This way you have 2 different s/w solutions providing your backups. If one s/w solution fails you have the other. Cobian backup is free and is very easy to use.

Daniel Wastak

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Now you have full redundancy working for you. The NAS System is redundant with the 2 mirrored drives and the USB is another single drive backup solution to make sure you are covered for any failure Murphy might deliver to you. In my opinion you can’t go wrong with the Lenovo IX2 4TB Network Storage 2-Bay (2HD x 2TB) Network Storage solution.


Just Released Sony PlayStation TV

Finally, Sony Announces the Release of the Playstation TV

by: Daniel

Playstation TV

Playstation TV

What is the Playstation TV? It is basically a streaming device that connects to your TV. You can stream movies and games from the internet on the device.

The device is pretty small. It can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

We think this set top box will become a very popular device because of it’s price point (around $100) and the fact that you can stream PS4 games on the system. It wouldn’t surprise us if we saw these devices deployed not only on the TV in the family room, but also in the bedrooms as well. Multiplayer games will become more and more popular in our opinion.

Most likely the device will have the ability to stream movies from Netflix,  Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Videos.

Daniel Wastak

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It’s a cool little box.  Click on the image to get more details about purchasing this unit.

Nikon D810 Full-Frame DSLR Camera Review

Our review of the Nikon D810 Full-Frame DSLR Camera

by: Daniel
Nikon d810 Camera Review
This is simply a great camera.

What we like most notably about this camera is the ISO speed. It has a setting for ISO 64 and if you are an old timer like me we used something called chromachrome in ISO 64. This was a wonderful film and would deliver very pleasing rich color results.

Daniel Wastak

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The other thing that is really cool about this camera is it has a full frame sensor. Which is the same size as a 35mm frame of film. The sensor packs a full 36.3 mega-pixel image area. This should be great for low light situations.

By Daniel on July 4, 2014 | Cameras, Nikon | A comment?

Surface Pro 3 Review

The Surface Pro 3 is a very cool notebook / laptop / tablet.



What we like most about this tablet is the way the keyboard is integrated with the tablet. You can prop up the rear of the keyboard making it a little more ergonomically friendly. Just make sure to order the keyboard along with the tablet.

I think the price of the device is simply too high. Perhaps the price will come down to something a little more reasonable with some time.

Daniel Wastak

Review by

I would like to see a little better keyboard option. Something with a little more tactile feel.

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